"I just wanted to let you know that your Calendula oil is amazing. My daughter’s skin is so much better."
With gratitude, Anna

"My face is full of your hard-work made products. Thank you!"

"Your honey mask is my absolute favourite. Its magical!"

"I've suffered with patchy eczema on my arms for over a year and started using wild hills sea scrub and it is completely better. Love it!"
K. Blandin

"I have been using the clay cleanser, toner and face cream for about 2 months. My skin is softer, clearer and looks very healthy. Love the products!!"
B. Devauld

"The Fireweed toner is excellent. Highly recommend."
T. Moran

"I've been suffering from acne for a year now, I am an Australian resident who lived in Victoria on Vancouver Island. While I was in Victoria I was given your toner to use from the girls at the Green Kiss. Your toner is the most amazing product! I have tried using different toners from Australia since being home, but have found your toner to be the only one that doesn't break me out. Is there any way you guys can ship to Australia? I'm willing to buy a few bottles!"
A. Kilpatrick

"I have an oily skin, and I like to use the nootka rose cleansing clay because it makes my skin so smooth afterwards. But on the website you say "use it several times a week". I mean, can I use it everyday? Because I love it."
C. Walton

"So good I couldn’t buy just one! Been on the search for a toner that wouldn’t make my skin react or aggravate my rosacea, so thrilled to have discovered your fireweed toner. Not only has it not irritated my skin, but it has also started to heal it. My skin is looking and feeling the best it ever had. Thank you!"
V. Balabanos

"I decided to bring the remedy salve in my purse for a weekend trip away. Smartest idea ever!  I have been using it non-stop. My hands get dry and sore on flights and in hotels...it has been amazing for that. But I have also used as lip balm, cuticle cream and to treat a weird dry patch in the corner of my mouth. It is my new favourite travel product. So thanks!"
N. Moroso

"We love your Blackbery Serum! It is hydrating and absorbs well, with the Black Cumin that is so effective with breakouts."
L. Korbutiak

"Your Fireweed Toner really works, it definitely helped clear up a breakout on my forehead. Thank you!"
E. B.